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Vamvoras Bonding Agency 

At Vamvoras Bonding Agency, we understand the stress and pressure that you go through upon knowing that a loved one has been in jail and needs bail to get out as fast as possible.

Imagine how uncomfortable your loved one must have been in their small jail cell, crying while anxiously waiting to regain their freedom, and putting their life on hold.
You have two options in this situation:

1.) Pay the courts the full amount of the bail for the person to be released until he needs to attend the sentencing hearing and get the money back when he shows up for court or

2.) Pay a small portion of the bail to a bail bondsman such as Vamvoras Bonding Agency and get out of jail to wait for the hearing from home.

Which of the two would you pick?
If you need bail bonds in Cameron, LA or anywhere else in Louisiana, you can consult with our bail bond agents here at Vamvoras Bonding Agency.

Your loved one doesn't have to wait too long in jail. Just call us at Vamvoras Bonding Agency and our bail bond agents will get to work right away.

You can restore their freedom with our help. Just pay a small percentage of the bond amount, find a cosigner, and some collateral. 

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Check out this short clip on how Bail Bonds work!