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Vamvoras Bonding Agency 

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Vamvoras Bonding Agency 

Our bonding agency was founded 20 years ago on a mission of helping people restore their freedom after going to jail. We mainly provide bail bonds, which we can process right away to get a person out of jail the soonest time possible. We have lasted for two decades in this business providing bail bonds in Cameron, LA and surrounding cities in Louisiana because we love helping people get out of what could possibly be one of the lowest points in their lives. 
Being in jail even for a few hours is quite a traumatic experience, something that no one would want to go through again. But our Lake Charles bails bondsman can help lessen that trauma by minimizing the number of hours spent in jail.

Just call Vamvoras Bonding Agency and we can process your way out, granted you also give us what we need. Once processed, you will thank our bail bondsmen in Lake Charles for helping you get your freedom back until the sentencing hearing. 
We take pride in how much our two-decade history with the community of Louisiana has helped us gain more insights into how the bail bonds system works in the state. We can write bonds for as long as your loved ones in jail within Louisiana. 
If your loved ones or friends are in a tight spot in jail, let Vamvoras Bonding Agency work on getting them out as soon as possible.

Call us!  (337) 433-6486

Our Agents

Daniel Vamvoras


CELL: (337) 532-1233
OFFICE: (337) 433-6486
E-MAIL: [email protected]

Buddy Montgomery


CELL: (337) 842-3482
OFFICE: (337) 433-6486
Our agents also serve and are qualified in Beaugard Parish, Cameron Parish, Jefferson Davis Parish, Allen Parish and Calcasieu Parish, and nation wide agent transfers.

Call us!  (337) 433-6486